Crab Toasts with Spicy Mendocino Tartar Sauce

Great Appetizer, Lunch or Light Dinner Dish


  • Sourdough Bread Slices
  • Fresh Cracked Crab Meat or canned
  • Fresh Dill and Lemon Slices
  • Carol Hall’s Spicy Mendocino Tartar Sauce

Toast the sourdough bread slices.  Spread the top of the slices generously with Carol Hall’s Spicy Mendocino Tartar Sauce.   Spread crab over the toasts.  Top with a garnish of fresh dill.  Serve with lemon slices.  You can serve the sandwiches with a good tomato salad made with a dijon vinaigrette dressing and lots of fresh cracked pepper.

Meat & FishTorrey Douglass